Fantastic Service

All Penyet King management and staff are trained to represent the brand well, serving customers wholeheartedly and with a smile.  Our staff know the menu from top to bottom, and are able to assist our customers with any needs or questions that they have.  We know that the service that each of our customers receive is just as important as the restaurant atmosphere and the taste of the food, leaving an important impression that will determine whether or not they will visit our establishment again in the future.  We use fantastic service as the means of creating lifetime customers for Penyet King, which is a win-win for all parties involved.

Quality & Consistency

At Penyet King, we are on a mission to serve authentic food made from the freshest and most quality ingredients.  We make sure that each of our restaurants is routinely stocked with the all of the necessities to connect our customers with dishes that not only taste great, but are consistent in flavor everytime they are prepared.  We know that no one will trust a restaurant that serves food that looks and tastes different each and every time they eat there, and we endeavor to make sure that this does not happen at Penyet King.  Each day, before our restaurants open, our cooks create and test dishes from the menu to ensure uniformity and consistency in flavor, appearance, and portion size that does not disappoint.


We are determined to make a good reputation for Indonesian food on a global scale, giving people access to this amazing cuisine in every major city around the world.  Unlike many Indonesian-themed restaurants that operate outside of Indonesia, we do not cater our flavors and cooking style to foreign preferences.  Penyet King prepares all of their dishes just as they would be made in Indonesia, believing that traditional Indonesian cuisine is delicious on its own and worthy to present to the international scene just the way it is.  We want Indonesian food to be as popular as other international cuisine is around the world, easily accessible and well-loved everywhere.