Our Story

It all began with a dream to expose the world to delicious and authentic Indonesian cuisine, and 5 years later, Penyet King has successfully realized their dream in the bustling metropolis of Singapore and is beginning to look beyond.  Henri Chang began the Penyet King restaurant chain in Singapore in 2013.  Originally started as a side-business, Henri’s personal project quickly grew into a popular brand in Singapore, currently boasting 18 establishments in country.  Penyet King connects cusomters to a large menu of traditional Indonesian food, including the iconic smashed chicken dish, Ayam Penyet, with a focus on quality ingredients and authentic taste.  One of the driving motivations for Henri to start Penyet King was a childhood interest and vision to someday enter into the F & B industry.  Having worked in Singapore for a number of years, Henri had become well-aware of the sad state of Indonesian food in Singapore, only offering subpar versions of nasi padang and “Halal mixed rice.”  Craving something better and seeing a unique opportunity to penetrate into a new market, Henri stepped out into the unknown and created the Penyet King brand in order to make a better name for Indonesian cuisine, not only in Singapore, but in cities around the world, giving Indonesian food the same popularity that Thai, Korean, and Japanese cuisine enjoys internationally.  Since 2015, Henri Chang has given his full focus and energy to Peneyt King , working tirelessly to grow and develop his creation into an international brand that is able to positively impact the global culinary scene.

Our Vision

Authentic and delicious Indonesian cuisine made popular around the world through Penyet King brand restaurants.

Our Mission

Operate Penyet King restaurants utilizing the utmost in quality and service, while strategically expanding the brand into new international markets.

Franchise Opportunities

Our desire is not only to run a profitable business, but to expand the Penyet King brand beyond Singapore and Indonesia, into cities and new marketplaces around the world.  We are looking for driven and passionate individuals with a sincere interest in the F & B industry, who can help to take our brand to the next level, not those merely looking for a new investment opportunity.  We believe that the Penyet King brand has the potential and momentum behind it to support many thriving establishments, employ scores of workers, and make a great impact on the global culinary scene, realizing a great reputation for authentic Indonesian food internationally.  If you are looking for a unique opportunity to pursue your dreams in running a successful restaurant that serves great food, operating a Penyet King restaurant franchise may be just the opportunity that you have been waiting for.  Don’t hesitate to contact our devoted franchise team today to learn more and begin to fulfill your dreams of becoming an international restauranteur with Penyet King!

Contact us :

Henri Chang
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